How to extend or clean your iPhone storage without loosing data


You can do one of the following options :
1- If you afford to pay little bit each month and save your data on cloud without getting worried anymore for loosing it, then follow this step to setup :

Currently this is my storage information :

A- Go to settings

B- Click on your name.

C- Click on iCloud

D- Click on manage storage.

E- choose a monthly plan (50 GB: $1.29
200 GB: $3.99
2 TB: $12.99).
F- go back to the iCloud page and open photos then Enable it.


2- Buy an iPhone flash memoery, plug it to your phone and move all your photos to it, else please use a computer to take all your photos and save it there so you can have free space on your phone 🙂
Good luck and ask if there is anything not clear.
Leave a comment bellow and subscribe for any question and we will make a post for it ;)

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