iPhone Won’t Charge Unless Turned off: Here How to Fix it

In this article, I’m going to show you what to do if your iPhone or iPad won’t charge unless it’s turned off. This problem has been reported by many iPhone users and it can be a very annoying problem. I’m going to show you why this happens and what to do to fix the problem.


My iPhone Charging Story…

This problem used to happen to me and it was a very annoying problem. I only thought that my iPhone wasn’t charging in general, I didn’t know that it could charge while it was turned off.


I kept trying to charge my iPhone before the battery died because I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to use it after it dies. This is why I was trying plenty of solutions before it died just so I could use it again.

Once my iPhone turned off, I decided to plug it back in. When I plugged it back in, it magically started to charge again. I then realised that there was something wrong with my device that was stopping it from charging while it was on.

Why Won’t My iPhone Charge Unless Turned off?

There are plenty of reason why your iPhone or iPad won’t charge unless it’s turned off. The first reason is a bug in your software. If there is a bug in your software, it can cause all sorts of problems and your iPhone not charging unless it off is one of them.

Another reason why your iPhone isn’t charging properly is due to the battery. If your battery is worn down, this can cause charging issues with your iPhone or iPad. I’ll show you what to do if your battery is causing the problem.

Update the Operating System

As I said earlier, the main reason why your iPhone isn’t going to charge properly is due to your software. The best way to fix a bug in your software is to update your software. If there is a new software release for your iPhone, updating your device is the first step to take.


Software updates are released to remove bugs and to introduce new features. This is why you always see the term bug fixes when you read the features of a software update. After you’ve updated your software, you should realise that your iPhone should start charging when it’s on.

To update your iPhone:

  • Go to the settings
  • Navigate to general and then click “software update”
  • Now just go ahead and hit “Download and install” and it will install

After you’ve updated your software, you can check if your iPhone charges when it’s on.

DFU Restore your iPhone or iPad

If you tried the step above and you’ve realised that it only charges when it’s off, you can do a DFU restore. If there is a major software problem in your iPhone that’s stopping it from charging properly, a DFU restore should fix the problem.

A DFU restore is the harshest type of restore that you can perform on your iPhone or iPad. This type of restore is going to wipe the code and data on your iPhone, update the software, then put the data back on. This is why it can fix a lot of software problems.


ne is only charging when it’s off is to inspect your battery. If your battery dies fast, you’ll know that this may have a part to play in your charging problem. The best thing to do in this situation is to calibrate your iPhone’s battery.

Calibrating your iPhone’s battery allows your iPhone to show the correct battery percentage on your screen. This involves you leaving your iPhone to die without using it completely, then charging it back to 100%.

Here are the full steps on how to calibrate an iPhone battery.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, after using all of these steps, your iPhone will start charging while the device is on. If you’re having any problems, comment down below and I’ll help you. If you liked this article, subscribe to the email newsletter where you can reply back to me with issues you’re having, and I’ll give you a solution.

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  • Please, can U ask me? problem with Ipad air. Ipad charged with a lightning port , but can’t recognise by Itunes, can’t switch on in any mode – reset and recovery mode, DFU mode. Any ideas ? Regards, Alex


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